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Welcome to Veritas Classical Christian Academy and thank you for your interest in our school! 
Priority Re-Enrollment for Returning Families: January of current year
Open Admissions: February 1 - June 1 of the current year 
*Application fee of $225 per new student
Late Admissions: After June 1 *additional fee of $100
Veritas Classical Christian Academy employs a formal admissions process in order to attract and admit qualified students who strongly desire a classical, Christian education with an emphasis on character development and parental involvement. It is the desire of VCCA for students to excel not only in academics, but also in their relationship with Christ and the other members of our school community.

The Admissions Policies are essential for VCCA to fulfill its mission to our families. Both parental involvement and student cooperation will be integral in your success at Veritas Classical Christian Academy. The term “parents”, used below, also applies to legal guardians.  VCCA understands that there are familial circumstances that may not be addressed here. If you have questions, or need clarification, please contact our Admissions Department.

Admissions Policies

  1. Parents must provide VCCA with a completed application form for each child applying for admission, including academic records, health forms, and other information as specified in the application packet. Students will not be admitted without complete records.
  2. Parents and students must sign a form stating their acknowledgement of our Statement of Faith as an expression of who we are and what will be taught in the classroom AND expressing their own personal commitment to Jesus Christ. Families must be active members of a body of like-minded, Christian believers.
  3. Parents and students must be willing to abide by the school's rules and regulations as expressed in our handbook or by the administration and staff.
  4. Parents must be committed to providing partnership instruction in the satellite classroom on the days that the child is not attending VCCA. Parents are responsible for providing regular structure for completing home assignments, checking assignment sheets, and helping the student as needed.
  5. Parents and students must be committed to the university-model learning experience and Christian environment of VCCA. Each student must be willing to adhere to VCCA's student code of conduct, uniform dress code policy, and all other policies.
  6. Parents must be willing to use the Matthew 18 principles to settle any disputes.
  7. Once accepted to VCCA, tuition is non-refundable as the school makes year-long commitments of resources to educate your student.


Tuition Rates: 2021-2022

Grade Full-Time  
K-5th $2,996  
6th-9th $4.640  
10th-12th $5,360  

Families with multiple children qualify for the following tuition discounts starting with the oldest child and proceeding in descending order:

1st child  –  Full tuition due.  No discount available.

2nd child  – 5% tuition discount

3rd child and each subsequent child – 10% tuition discount

*Fees are not included in these tuition discounts as our fees cover specific fixed operating costs.  All fees are quoted on a per student basis. 


Fees:  Application Fee: $225 for new students; Re-Registration $150, Building $300, Standardized Testing Fee $150.  The registration fee comes out with the first month of tuition.  All other fees can be rolled into a monthly payment.

*Part-time and dual credit tuition is based on the credit hours taken on campus plus administration fees.

*Late Admissions after June 1 of the year will be charged an additional $100 fee

When to Apply
Veritas Classical Christian Academy encourages families to begin the application process after attending a Veritas Preview informational meeting. The application must be completed and supplemental application forms downloaded, completed and returned to the school. A non-refundable fee of $225 must be submitted with each application.
How to Apply
The Admissions area of our website is designed to make the application process as simple as possible using our Online Application. We encourage families to apply online as it simplifies submission and provides parents a tool for tracking online the status of their admission after their application has been submitted.
Create an Online Application
To begin the Online Application process, select "Create an Account" from the Menu at the top of this page.
Then log into your account and Create A New Student Application for your child. You will then have the flexibility to log in and out of your account and access your open application.
After submitting the application, you will be able to track your admissions status at the school by logging into your account.
Request More Information
Should you desire more information than is available in our other online materials, please Request More Information and our Admissions Office will contact you.
We Look Forward to Meeting You
We appreciate your interest and hope to assist you any way we can. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Veritas Classical Christian Academy Admissions Team
Veritas Classical Christian Academy, Inc. shall make no distinction in its admission or operating policies with regard to an individual's race, color, or national and ethnic origin because we recognize that there can be no preferential treatment with God (Romans 2:11).